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Located in Central Texas with 35 years of experience in feeding and animal health, PX Feeders, LLC offers a variety of feeding programs that are designed to fit specific needs of each producer including custom feeding cattle at the PX Feeders, LLC facility or by shipping feed to the cattleman. Targeted by PX Feeders, LLC are their bull and heifer tests as well as bull and heifer development where both bulls and heifers are fed high roughage rations. Data collected in conjunction with the bull and heifer tests include average daily gain, hip height and ultrasound measurements with the addition of pelvic measurements for heifers. Artificial insemination is also offered at PX Feeders, LLC as an integral part of its heifer development.

PX Feeders, LLC is a family oriented business. It is owned and operated by Donald and Dionitia Parrish, John Parrish, and Gayla Hodges.

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