Heifer Development

Are you out of land, over your permitted head number, or out of labor resources?

We can provide you with what you need!

Weaned calves
Breeding age heifers
Bred Heifers
Bull/Steer Calves weighing 300 and up
Facility for cattle until Water Permits can be obtained or modified on emergency or non emergency cases.

Why choose PX Feeders, LLC ?

1. We can customize your cattle program so that we can provide you with what you need
2. We have over 40 years experience with dairy cattle
3. We can provide a heifer operation that is complementary to yours and your facility for easy transition
4. Your goals are our goals. If your goal is the calve heifers at x months then we will have the same goal for your program with us
5. We provide you with access to animal records monthly
6. Great biosecurity procedures and strict protocols use to prevent disease transmission

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